Watch Aaswath’s TED Talk

Aaswath’s TED talk is now live here:

Aaswath Raman delivers TED Talk

Aaswath delivered a 12-minute talk at TED 2018! Read more about it here:  and here:

TED 2018

Aaswath Raman has been invited to speak at TED 2018 this April.

Yale Climate Connections Interview

Aaswath was interviewed by Yale Climate Connections and featured in their January podcast.

NYTimes ClimateTECH

Aaswath was recently invited to speak at the NYTimes ClimateTECH conference in San Francisco about radiative cooling and its potential for climate change mitigation and improved energy efficiency. You can see a video of his talk here:

Welcome to the Raman lab’s new webpage!

We are excited to begin operating here at the University of Pennsylvania. Please contact Prof. Raman if you are interested in joining!